Pocket Creative in Southern Living

Can you feel the love?? In the February 2011 issue of Southern Living, hand-crafted letterpress correspondence cards by Richmond’s own Pocket Creative were featured in a Valentine gifts showcase.  Designer Jenny Liesfeld creates one-of-a-kind cards for every occasion on her antique letterpress. Weddings, birth announcements, correspondence cards and business cards are among many popular items. An eclectic blend of the nostalgia of letterpress and modern design, Jenny’s creations put the personal back in personalized stationary!

Visit www.pocketcreative.com and click on “press”

Jenny is a founding member of the 35 Mile Drive Association. www.35miledrive.com

2 thoughts on “Pocket Creative in Southern Living

  1. Thank You Jenny,
    Your items look terrific-Made in USA is so important . People have forgotten quality for price but its coming back . Rossie has a cousin who makes beautiful furniture down near the Blvd. bridge. Mckennan Harris, I think I have the spelling right, look them up. See you soon. Sandy and Rossie Fisher

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