Balancing rural conservation and economic development

If you live in central Virginia and are interested in the balance between rural conservation and economic development, then make plans to attend this workshop on Wednesday.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 9
TIme: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Goochland County Administration Building, 1800 Sandy Hook Road, Goochland, VA 23063

Workshop is sponsored by the Partnership for Smarter Growth, in collaboration with Citizens Concerned with Goochland Growth, the Goochland Chamber of Commerce, the 35 Mile Drive Association, Capital Region Land Conservancy, and the County of Goochland.

Partnership for Smarter Growth (PSG) is the regional hub for smarter growth education and implementation.  PSG’s mission is to educate and engage the communities in the Richmond region to work together to improve quality of life by guiding where and how we grow.  We address the interconnected issues of land use, transportation, housing, conservation, food security, and economic development integral to our quality of life. 


The Goochland Village Series engages high quality speakers and local citizens and leaders to explore how conservation coupled with appropriately designed communities in the right places can ensure preservation of rural character and a strong economy for Goochland county.  PSG is pleased to work closely with Goochland organizations and residents to present this program.  Our first event, entitled What Makes a Village and held in November of 2009, was a partnership with the County of Goochland and featured architect Carlton Abbott and landscape architect Ralph Higgins.  Our third event is tentatively scheduled for April 27, 2011.  Entitled Community Design Goals for Goochland Villages, the final program in this series will highlight the perspectives of Goochland County decision makers and land use experts on how to manage village building in Goochland.


Part 2:

Learning from a Neighboring Village Model

Wednesday, February 9th, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Goochland County Administration Building, 1800 Sandy Hook Road, Goochland, VA 23063
Enjoy presentations and opportunities for Q&A with speakers about the process, challenges, opportunities, and context of bringing a rural village to life around existing infrastructure in neighboring New Kent County:

TRIP POLLARD – Southern Environmental Law Center
JOHN CRUMP – Project Developer, New Kent Courthouse Village
JOHN HOPKE – Project Architect, Hopke and Associates
GEORGE HOMEWOOD – Director of Community Development, New Kent County

7:00     Welcome and Introductions and Brief Overview by Sheila Sheppard Lovelady, Executive Director, PSG,     on Partnership for Smarter Growth’s mission, partners, and purpose of series

7:10     Presentation by Trip Pollard, Senior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center, on the regional and statewide context of the project, policy directions and recommendations

7:30     Presentation by John Crump, Developer, New Kent Courthouse Village, on the inspiration, process, and future of the project

7:50     Presentation by John Hopke, Architect for the project, on design challenges and highlights of the    project

8:10     Presentation by George Homewood, Director of Community Development, New Kent County, on the planning processes involved with the project and impacts of UDAs (Urban Development Areas)

8:30     Facilitated Q&A by Jacquelyn Pogue, Richmond Dialogue Group

For more information:

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