Virginia Sportsman and Balance Vaulters


October/ November 2010

The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games are underway in Lexington, Kentucky (September 25-October 10.) The games host the world championships for eight different equestrian sports including dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, jumping, paradressage, reining and vaulting.

At its highest levels, vaulting is a sport of beauty, elegance and harmony between the athletes and horses. Be sure to check out the current issue of the Virginia Sportsman online at , “Gymnastics on Horseback with Balance Vaulters” by Aynsley Miller Fisher to learn more about vaulting.

Gymnastics requires physical strength, agility, coordination, balance and grace, now imagine a gymnastics routine performed entirely on the back of a cantering horse! After the first day of vaulting competition on Wednesday, the U.S. team emerged with the lead. Check in for updates and information about the games at

Aynsley is a member of the 35 Mile Drive Association and an equine specialist at Southern States. Visit to learn more about Katie Flannagan and her vaulting program featured in the article.

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