What does the James River mean to you?

Misty morning on the James

Goochland County is fortunate to have 40 miles of James River flowing along our banks. 35- Mile Drive, a.k.a. River Road West, follows the river corridor. Historically the river has played a significant role in the lives of the people who called this region of the country home. With a new riverfront park on the the horizon (Tucker Park at Maiden’s Crossing,) the river will be more accessible than ever for Goochland residents.

Someone recently asked the question– what does the James River mean to you?

The answers might surprise you. It seems that the river inspires the storyteller in all of us. We invite you to share your thoughts, your stories, a word, a photo…

3 thoughts on “What does the James River mean to you?

  1. Growing up in a family of self-described river rats, we spent countless hours floating and paddling the James. In fact, the currents of the James seemed to flow in our blood. Without a doubt it set the scene for many of the great passions and joys of our lives. We discovered the bonds of friendship that are forged so easily when drifting along with others. We discovered a great appreciation for and delight in the natural world. The ultimate outdoor classroom, we honed our powers of observation through the years, getting to know the birds, the rocks, the shells, the plants and the animals that came to the banks at night. We learned to read the water, the weather and the seasons. We developed a healthy respect for the power of nature. Best of all, we experienced the river and all that it has to teach us about life, about love and about the simple joy of spending time on a river.

    Simply put, the James River is an incredible resource- one to protect, to cherish, to experience and to fall in love with again and again.

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